Pod & Video-Casts

Podcasts and on-line videos have become an increasingly popular way to learn about and keep up with what’s going on in amateur radio.

Some of our favorites are listed here and a quick Internet search can reveal many more.


Ham Nation

Ham Nation is a great ham radio show hosted by Bob Heil, Gordon West, and a crew of two or three others with guest spots by hams doing different things. The weekly show plays live on twit.tv and is available for viewing later in the week. Past shows are available on twit.tv and their YouTube channel.


AmateurLogic.TV: The Original Amateur Radio video program. AmateurLogic.TV is the first and longest running Internet television program dedicated to Amateur Radio and Technology. The show is hosted by two US and one Australian ham. A spin off of the show, Ham College, offers assistance to folks studying for their amateur radio license and a refresher for those that already have it.


ARRL – The Doctor is In

The Doctor is none other than ARRL’s Joel Hallas, W1ZR, who has been answering questions about Amateur Radio in QST‘s “The Doctor is In” column since 2006.

Hosted by QST Editor In Chief Steve Ford, WB8IMY, the ARRL The Doctor is In podcast is a twice-monthly audio podcast that answers YOUR questions about Amateur Radio’s technical challenges.

Ham Radio 360 & the Workbench Podcast