Ballooning Links

There are a ton of informational pages and videos on the internet regarding ballooning and amateur radio. This page contains some of the ones we’ve found most useful. We’d love to put together a information about doing this from start to finish but there is some much information it’d take forever to put together.

If you’d like to get started take a look at the information we have and the information at the sites below. Feel free to jump over to our forum and start asking questions once you have them.

The Pi in the Sky Project

Testing the PITS, APRS, and RPi boards.

Pi the Sky (PITS) is a simple and reliable GPS radio tracker board for the Pi. We’ve flown the PITS+ board with the US APRS option with a Pi B+ and it worked really well. It transmits APRS on 2 meters and on 440 a continuous RTTY stream on SSB with telemetry data and low res pictures. All data and higher resolution pictures are saved to the RPi’s SD card.

The PITS website contains a lot of good information and the programing is all open source and on Github.


The folks over at hanhub have a ton of information and resources for tracking balloon flights. In a nut shell balloon telemetry from any monitoring station can be feed into habhub to make a continuous stream of data that is packaged in a nice tracker that anyone can access.

WB8ELK Balloons

WB8ELF, Bill, has put together solar-powered skytracker pico payloads fly under a mylar party balloon and transmit on APRS. Although shorter than we’d hoped we due to a thunderstorm we recently had a very successful flight using on of Bill’s payloads.