On Christmas evening we released two micro trackers from the Buddha Near Space Flight Center in southern Indiana. N9UMJ-12 was the first to launch but due to unexpected winds and not enough lift was caught int he tree line to the west of the property. N9UMJ-4 (or for short -4 (pronounced “dash 4”)) was launched shortly after and with the issues of -12 understood -4 lifted off without a problem. 

The micro tracker was released by N9UMJ’s grandson at dusk. The trackers are solar powered and will only transmit during daylight hours. The balloon can be tracked direct on 144.30 in North America and on 144.800 in Europe and Asia. Tracking on the web can be done at https://tracker.habhub.org and below. Be sure to enter the call sign and SSID N9UMJ-4 into the track box and go to settings to select your unit preferences.

If -4 hits the jet-stream Wednesday and is embedded at 40,000 feet it should reach Europe by New Years day.

The release team was N9UMJ, NA9VY, and N9UMJ’s grandson, Jaxan.

Lead Launch Technician Jax is ready for count down.